Special Occasion

Beautiful Lush Green and Blooming Plants can be dressed up for any special occasion. Starting at $24.95.

Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful flowers and unique greens are always available. Wonderful colors can say just what you want them to say. Starting at $29.95.


We offer free consultations and each wedding is custom designed to your specifications and needs. We will work within your budget to create the perfect wedding flowers for your day!


Throughout the world, funeral flowers have played an important role in funeral customs because of their fragrant beauty and comforting qualities. Whatís more, they serve as a herald of hope reminding us of the spirit of life. In ancient times, tradition called for loved ones to use flowers and herbs to anoint the bodies of the deceased, while aromatic flowers and plants were used to decorate the burial site. Today, flowers remain one of the most beautiful ways to express our condolences when words fail us. During times of sorrow, sympathy flowers are messengers of hope when itís needed most.

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